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Hi, I’m Jake… and I launch online businesses. This is my little corner on the web.

From nearly flunking out of high school to leading a $250mm+ online business. I’ve worked with Tim Sykes, Grant Cardone, Jim Rickards, Jon Najarian, Robert Kiyosaki, Nomi Prins, Andrew Keene, Rich Schefren, Brian Rose (and plenty more) helping to launch and scale dozens of online businesses. I’ve written 1,000s of pages of ad copy, managed dozens of lists each with 100,000+ contacts, and run teams of marketers, copywriters, and developers.

I remember the first direct response product launch I was ever a part of. We did $8 million in a day. At the time, I couldn’t believe you could make that much money all by sending a few emails to folks. It didn’t make any sense to me. I became obsessed with learning how it all worked. Within two years, I went from a “button presser” to Director of Monetization. In just three years, our business catapulted from $0 in gross revenue to over $250 million.

Hi, I’m Jake.

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