Get the Fam Together and WOW Prospects

Have you heard the term “fam shot” before? How about in marketing?

(I was surprised to Google it and exclusively find news articles of domestic homicide. Not marketing… Definitely not very cool.)

For as long as I’ve been in direct response marketing we’ve used the phrase “fam shot” to refer to the collection of images showing off everything included from a promotion.

Instead of simply listing out everything your promotion offers — i.e. telling your prospects what’s included — you show them in the form of images.

After all, it takes readers roughly 10 seconds to process and decide on the value of written text…

But the mental and emotional impact of an image happens almost instantly.

We’re visual people — nearly 67% of consumers say images are “very important” in selecting and purchasing a product.

This is what a fam shot looks like:

Credit: The Urban Monk’s 7-Day Reboot

Now, fam shots come in all shapes and sizes and, ultimately, what should be included depends on what the product is, what the promotion offers, and what you’re trying to highlight to the prospect.

But the general goal is pretty simple: show your prospects what they’re getting in a quick, sexy way.

You should be able to answer a ton of likely questions with just one image. Questions like…

  • How much stuff am I getting when I buy your product?
  • What exactly is included… Is it a course? Book? Audio? Video? All of the above?
  • How do I access the product? Does it work on my computer? My tablet? My phone?

Let’s take a look at some examples I’ve swiped over the years…

This one is from Grant Cardone’s Real Estate Summit and comes with courses, PDFs, and access to his live in-person event.

You can see how he shows off each individual course as its own thing, the included PDFs individually laid out, and a large badge…

I see this and I immediately feel like I’m getting a ton of content on top of the access to the in-person event.

Next I’ve got a fam shot from Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad’s Retirement Masterclass (which I believe is a course, an e-book, some reports, and a monthly newsletter subscription for a year).

You can see how the fam shot helps you visualize what’s included far better than listing them out… and makes it look more robust.

Each newsletter issue for the year is spread out instead of just one bullet that says “12 issues of my newsletter”…

And the multiple devices show how you can access the material in a number of different ways.

And lastly take a look at this fam shot from trading platform StocksToTrade

You could list everything included in this image in bullet form… or have each image individually pictured and described…

But including them all together in one image changes your perception about just how much you are receiving.

It just has more punch.

The next time you’re looking at a digital product or promotion, see if you can spot a fam shot or two.

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