Stop Being Lazy With Your Order Form

By now I’ve watched or read hundreds of sales letters.

One thing I absolutely hate seeing after reading a great promo is when I get to the call-to-action and click I get taken to a pretty barren order form…

It’s got the name of the product, the price, and the fields I’m supposed to fill out.

Prime real estate totally wasted.

You haven’t sold shit yet… so why did you stop selling?

You spent all this time thinking up the tastiest bait and writing the best lure possible… but didn’t bother reeling in after you got a bite!

Treat the order form as an ad in its own right.

Look, I’ve worked with huge publishers that push crazy volume to a promo… I’m talking a cold audiences, direct to the sales letter, with no warm up…

And a good conversion rate for them is something like 2-3%.

Chances are you aren’t driving the kind of traffic to your promotions. These big publishers are paying millions.

The point is that in this industry we’re often working with percentages of percentages of percentages (ad infinitum)… so every single point of contact is important.

Don’t get lazy and skimp on the order form. The sale isn’t guaranteed until the order is processed (and even then it may not be guaranteed!).

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