Crush Your Product Launch Before You Even Go Live

When I first started in the direct response marketing world I didn’t understand how sending a handful emails to folks could amount to six-figure, sometimes even seven-figure launches.

I could wrap my brain around selling millions of dollars worth of new iPhones… but we were selling people on digital newsletters!

It’s not a very surface-level sexy product.

After all, nobody wakes up in the morning and thinks “man, I want to buy a newsletter.”

And, of course, it’s not all newsletters — we’ve sold video series, masterclasses, and so on…

But if you’re in the space, you know there’s a lot of stuff that goes into crafting a sales letter and positioning your product to solve some problem in your prospect’s life.

You don’t sell a newsletter, you sell a big idea — and you try to find the sexiest way to explain that big idea.

So you fire an email out to your list and cross your fingers that your message resonates and translates into sales.

After a few launches — some huge and some… well… some not — I started to realize something very important…

Something that could have a major impact on your next launch.

You don’t start “selling” your product when the pages are built, the fulfillment is ready, and the promo is live…

You start selling it as soon as you realize you have an idea worth selling.

Before we have landing pages or ads built, we answer a series of “customer belief” questions and then brainstorm how to get the answers to those questions to potential customers.

The goal is to get ahead of any roadblocks a prospect might hit in the process of launching the promo.

There are 4 key questions we answer:

Question #1: What should the customer believe about the guru or brand?

The goal with this question is to get your prospects predisposed to some fact about you, the brand, or the face of the product.

If having some credentials or proof points are vital to the promotion, take the opportunity to share that information before you even try to sell anything.

If I’m selling a financial course and I want people to take me seriously in that space, I want to let them know why they should, right?

Question #2: Why now? Why take advantage of this opportunity now?

In other words, what makes this opportunity new and valuable this instant? Why is this opportunity different than another?

An example of this might be baby-boomers retiring which in turn is creating a new opportunity that wasn’t available before… and you want to get involved ASAP, before the opportunity passes.

Question #3: Are there any objections, hurdles, or problems in the way that could prohibit the customer from using the product or prevent them from still believing in the opportunity?

This is a chance to get ahead of objections you believe your prospects are going to have…

Questions like:

  • “It’s too expensive.”
  • “I’ve never heard of you or your company.”
  • “I don’t see how this can help me.”
  • “This isn’t important to me right now.”

If the promotion for your new product relies on some event or notion, you can plant seeds ahead of time to get folks closer to your goal.

Question #4: What is the urgency to take action now? Why buy now and not tomorrow? Next week? Next year?

Now, this one might seem similar to question #2… But I view them in a different way.

Question #2 refers to real-world events or circumstances that create an opportunity for the prospect — like baby-boomers retiring…

Whereas, here I’m referring to more arbitrary urgency such as a deadlines where the promotion closes or some bonus is removed.

“Why should I buy this today?”

Answer: Well, if you buy before midnight tonight you’ll get 10% off the purchase price and we’ll add in a special bonus report for you. This is your only chance to get all of this for this price.

And since we’re answering these questions ahead of time, another question prospects might have is, “why should I watch the upcoming broadcast on so and so date?”

Answer: The broadcast is live — and the only way to catch the unfiltered, unedited version is by tuning in on that date. If you miss the live broadcast, the information might become irrelevant and the opportunity could pass.

Answering these 4 questions before your product even launches can turn a good product launch into an incredible one.

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